Polish Constitutionalism

The Polish Constitutionalism class takes place in the Winter Semester 2010-2011, on Thursdays 15h00-16h30,  in the former University Library (main University Campus), room 107.

The Course description is available on USOS.

The English version of the 1997 Constitution is available here.

Polish Constitutionalism readings:

The Constitution in the Making

A Brief History of the Constitution
Wiktor Osiatyński
Political Circumstances of Drafting the Republic of Poland’s Constitution of 2 April 1997
Piotr Winczorek

Fundamental Principles of the System of Government

The Principles of the System of Government in the Republic of Poland
Leszek Garlicki
The System of Government in the 1997 Constitution of the Republic of Poland
Marian Grzybowski
International Law and the Polish Constitution
Władysław Czapliński
Receptivity of the Constitution to International and Supranational law
Krzysztof Wójtowicz

Human Rights Standards

The Concept of Individual Rights in Poland
Bogusław Banaszak
Rights and Freedoms under the New Polish Constitution: Reflections of a Liberal
Wojciech Sadurski
The Limits of Rights and Freedoms – the Limits of Power
Mirosław Wyrzykowski

The Political Branches

The System of Government in the Constitution of 1997: Competences of the Sejm
Małgorzata Masternak-Kubiak, Janusz Trzciński
The Status of the Sejm under the Constitution of the Republic of Poland of 2 April 1997
Andrzej Gwiżdż, Janusz Mordwiłko
Presidency in Poland
Ryszard Mojak, Wiesław Skrzydło
Parliamentary and Constitutional Accountability
Ryszard Mojak, Wiesław Skrzydło
Checks and Balances under the New Constitution of Poland
Hanna Suchocka

Courts and Tribunals

Courts and Tribunals under the Constitution of Poland
Ewa Łętowska
Courts and Tribunals. A Commentary on Chapter VIII of the Constitution
Janusz Trzciński
The Polish Model of the Constitutional Judiciary
Eugeniusz Zwierzchowski
The Constitutional Complaint in Polish Law
Zdzisław Czeszejko-Sochacki

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