2011 European Constitutionalism

The EU Constitutionalism seminar convened on 3 & 4 June 2011 to discuss research papers prepared over the summer semester.  The overall theme of this year’s edition celebrated the seminar’s ten years and concerned specifically EU constitutionalism.  The seminar commenced with a keynote address by Dr. Rafał Trzaskowski, MEP about the practical aspects of the European political process.

As the decennial tradition has it, the seminar was moderated by Prof.Christophe Hillion (Leiden), Prof. Franz Mayer(Bielefeld), & Prof. Mirosław Wyrzykowski (Warszawa), with the invaluable support of Dr. Adam Bodnar, Prof. Adam Cygan(Leicester) & Dr. Tomasz Kozłowski. The 2011 seminar will also welcome the participation of Dr. Rafał Trzaskowski, MEP.

The poster is available here: European Constitutionalism 2011.pdf.

The 2011 seminar discussed the following papers:

Friday, 3 June 2011, 12h00-18h00
Marta Lasek
(Warsaw, III year)
The implementation of European Law and its Cohesion with the National Legal Systems of the Member States
Aberto Pena Rebaque (Cádiz, postgraduate) EU Citizenship Rights Against the Country of Nationality (Marie-Nathalie D’Hoop etc.)
Iwona Krzemińska (Warsaw, III year) Common European Asylum System
Natalia Kabacińska (Warsaw, V year) Harmonization of Contract Law and the Polish Presidency
Saturday, 4 June 2011, 10h00-16h00
Julie Renou
(Strasbourg, postgraduate)
The Fundamental Right to Environmental Protection – its Scope, Structure and Jurisprudential Heritage
Marcin Stupak
(Warsaw, IV year)
The Fundamental Right to Good Administration in its New Attire
Marta Maria Michałek (Warsaw, PhD Candidate) Fundamental Freedoms vs Fundamental Rights – how the European Court of Justice created a new “fundamental hierarchy”
Athanasia Petropoulou
(Paris, PhD candidate)
Recent case law on the Security Council sanctions

Participants are strongly encouraged to submit their papers for publication (amendments possible throughout June 2011) in volume celebrating 10 years of Towards European Constitutionalism Seminar.

contact: p.korzecATuw.edu.pl

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