European Constitutionalism

The European Constitutionalism seminar is an individual research seminar concerning current issues of European constitutional law and politics.

European Constitutionalism moderators in 2004

Over one week of May, Prof. Mirosław Wyrzykowski, Prof. Franz Mayer (Bielefeld) and Prof. Christophe Hillion (Leiden) moderate student presentations prepared during 5 months prior to the seminar.

The seminar is open to participants from all walks of academic life in any form possible.  The seminar not only earns 5 ECTS points but also provides invaluable experience in supervised group or individual research as well as invaluable feedback on your work in and outside the seminar.

2012 Towards European Constitutionalism 4-5 June 2012

2011 European Constitutionalism

2010 European Integration: enhanced protection or a threat to individual freedom and liberty?
2009 The Lisbon Treaty: The Constitution Reactivated?
2008 ‘The Two Who Stole the Charter…’
2007 „European Constitution – Reloaded?”
2006 „Dream or reality? Towards European Constitution Again”
2005 “Towards European Constitutionalism”
2004 Towards a New European Constitution
2003 “Towards a European Constitution”
2002 European Constitutional Law crash-course

European Constitutionalism group 2004

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