Citizen, Who Art Thou? A Conference in Honour of Tadeusz Mazowiecki (2007)

The conference entitled Citizen, Who Art Thou? took place on 26 April 2007 and commemorated the 80 birthday of Tadeusza Mazowieckiego and concerned human rights and transition to democracy.  Prof. Andrzej Friszke offered his reflections on the conference on human rights organized by Tadeusz Mazowiecki and ‘Więź’ back in 1997.   Prof. Jerzyt Ciemieniewski offered his impressions on the relationship between executive power and human rights.  Prof. Roman Wieruszewski reflected on the international and constitutional status of the individual and Dr. Aleksander Hall tried to answer the question what contemporary citizen is and should be like.

As a former Prime Minister, T. Mazowiecki concluded the conference by saying that citizens should be thinking less about their citizenship as individual standing and more about their status within the evolving Polish state.   In other words, the conference ended with an emphasis on the future, where public debate should be premised on how the state develops and not on who owns it now. Otherwise, politics will fall into the pitfall of social and political exclusion.



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