Prof. Andrzej Zakrzewski at the Family Life Rights of Homosexuals conference, the initiative of the Students' Forum for Human Rights

The Center for Human Rights is committed to host and co-organize numerous conferences to promote human rights thinking and produce human rights impact on legislators, judges, commentators, and students.

This section is a digest of the more important conferences organized by the Center for Human Rights, others can be found in the Events section.

“The Legal Limits of the Freedom of Conscience and Religion” conference co-organized by the Poznańskie Centrum Praw Człowieka INP PAN, the Center for Human Rights and the  ”Promocja Praw Człowieka – Badania i Nauczanie” Foundation  (Invitation: Zaproszenie, the Programme: Program konferencji).

Transgender Law. Solutions model, the situation in Poland, the need for change, Lecture organized by the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights and the Center for Human Rights, 28 May 2009

The Importance of the European Convention on Human Rights for Polish courts and lawyers

Importance of the ECHR Conference Full Table: I. Kondak, Prof. E. łetowska, Prof. M. Wyrzykowski, Prof. A. Rzepliński, Dr. Anna Śledzińska

conference organized by the National Council of Legal Advisers, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights and the Center for Human Rights & Council of Europe Information Office, 25 June 2009

Prof. Andrzej Rzepliński & Dr. Anna Sledzinska at the Importance of ECHR Conference 2009

Hate speech vs. Freedom of Expression – legal and social aspects, Polish Academy of Sciences Institute of Legal Studies Poznań Human Rights Center and Center Department of Human Rights, 30 November 2009

HIV / AIDS and human rights – contemporary problems and challenges conference organized by the Center for Human Rights and other organizations – Adam Bodnar and Anna Sledzinska Standards of treatment of persons with HIV / AIDS in the light of European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg , Warsaw, 28 November 2008

Now, Is the Polish Legal System Founded on Precedent? (2008)

Panel 1 – The Precedent and Case-Law of the Courts in Poland, prof. Ewa Łętowska, Justice of the Supreme Court Teresa Flemming-Kulesza, Dr. Adam Bodnar

Panel 2 – Can the Theoretical Paradigm of Law Assimilate the Very Idea of a Precendent?, Prof. Tomasz Stawecki, Prof. Jerzy Zajadło, Dr. Marcin Matczak


Sexual orientation and gender identity – the problems and challenges — a conference organized by the Poznan Human Rights Institute of Legal Studies, the Center for Human Rights the Section of the International Association of Legal Sciences (IALS) – with Adam Bodnar on The situation of homosexuals in law and administrative practice, Poznan, 27 October 2008

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